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Any weapon can jam, and since turning on a lightweight at night time is an efficient method to be shot, we were taught to take apart and reassemble every gun in the dark. Practicing with rifle components, disassembling and placing the mechanism collectively again again and again, had the added advantage of teaching you why contact is a sniper’s most necessary sense after sight. It is through your trigger finger that you talk along with your rifle. It is thru it, too, that you be taught the different action of each weapon. A Dragunov has two parts to its pull—a long, slow draw to the firing place, then a short last squeeze. The importance of the trigger finger is why snipers go to such lengths to keep their forefingers shrouded and unbruised, and why so many reduce the finger off a glove to raised join with their weapon.

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Apparently, the shot took three days to movie and was staged 17 separate instances. (Apparently, the one factor synthetic is the knife that’s stickin out of his back.) The shot goes on for therefore long that it has separate actions, when Min-sik is tired, the thugs are cautious, and back once more. And in addition to being one of the coolest motion sequences in fashionable Korean cinema , it also does a lot to inform Min-sik’s character. This is someone who will not cease, even against seemingly inconceivable odds. It’s also somebody whose thoughts possibly obtained wired the wrong method while in solitary confinement for 15 years (hey, the guy also eats a live octopus!) Now that he’s out, nothing will cease him from attending to the reality, even when the truth may be very ugly. When Spike Lee remade Oldboy 10 years later, he copied the hammer scene nearly beat-for-beat, and later Lee claimed that his version of the sequence was even longer and more impressive, however it was cut down by a nervous studio.

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