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Can You Name The Disney Film From This Extreme Close Up?

Even with the load she’d placed on since college, people all the time assumed she was 5 or ten years youthful than she was. “No.” He broke eye contact and shook his head, absently rubbing his shoulder again. Lisa remembered hearing he had injured it during a recreation earlier that year, shortly earlier than he was to graduate from the University of Georgia. The rotator cuff tear was extreme enough to end his professional soccer career earlier than it ever started. Lisa couldn’t see the eyes behind his water-flecked sunglasses however she felt them, and was uncomfortably reminded that she was braless under the ancient Star Wars t-shirt she’d slept in.

Actually, getting an extreme closeup of the eyes is going to be a very good means of displaying emotion in almost any state of affairs. The POV shot reveals what the topic is taking a look at, represented through the digital camera...

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