How to Make a Man Want You; It’s Easier Than You Think

Whether you’ve been dating, know someone that you would like to date, or you’re in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be heading in the direction that you want, there are things that you can do that can make a man want you. If you are wondering how to make a man want you, you’ll be pleased to know that’s easier than you may think. The best part is, in trying the following tips, you’ll be helping yourself as well.

Don’t Give Up Your Own Life

At the beginning of a relationship, both parties often shift their sole focus to one another, and that’s fine. However, a couple cannot sustain this type of focus. Both of you have to get back to your interests and your friends. Give him space to hang out with friends, to see his family, and to pursue his interests. You’ll quickly learn that by giving him the space he needs, he’ll want to spend time with you. You’ll also have time to cultivate your friendships and family bonds. He can’t be your only interest, that isn’t healthy for him or you.

Build Him Up, Encourage Him

Sadly, in many relationships, one or both parties begin to tear one another down, rather than build one another up. Be his cheerleader. Let him know that you believe in him. Encourage him in his pursuits. The world can be hard and cruel, you be the one that is loving and soft for him. Be the one that he wants to come home to after a difficult day. If you can both learn to encourage one another and build each other up, you can take on the world.

Don’t Rush

Men and women often approach dating differently. While you may want to get married and start a family, he may not be ready to hear all that. Take it slow, get to know one another. If it’s meant to be, it will be, but don’t push it, you may scare him away. He has to come along at his own pace.

Follow the above tips and watch what happens. You can make him want you, all you have to do is take it slow, don’t give up your own interests, and let him know you believe in him. By doing these things you’ll make him feel good, and everyone wants to be around someone who makes them feel good.