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Uses of Stem Cells

The human body is composed of raw materials that keep regenerating and thus making up the whole body they include stem cells. The stem cells stir up the generation of other important body cells that are also useful in the normal functioning of the body. In modern medicinal world doctors have done research on the other uses of stem cells apart from giving rise to other body cells. There are many sources of stem cells and in adult they are found in tissues while in infants they are found in embryonic cells. Therefore, stem cells are important in the normal functioning of the body. Listed below are some of the other innovative uses of stem cells discovered by researchers apart from regeneration.

Stem cells are important as they are used in treating joint injuries of the body. Many people do suffer joint inflammation and injuries or poor tissue growth. Many body therapists use stem cells in giving hips, feet or even knees therapy and massage. Body muscles and joint injuries are treated by chiropractors with the help of stem cells that is used in therapy. This is helpful in cases of poor tissue growth in body muscles and joints. Joint injuries can be associated with age or lack of enough growth cells, but chiropractors have injection which they use stem cells in treating degeneration thus leading to healing of joint injuries.

The stem cells are also important in the brain cells regeneration process. The brain can at times suffer injuries due to poor cell regeneration process, and since the brain neurons cannot fix themselves doctors use stem cells in healing the brain. Brain is the most important organ of the body and it comprises multiple combinations of cells.The cells are regenerated by the stem cells. Lack of regeneration will lead to poor functioning of the brain. The brain damage can result to some serious problem such as poor decision making and low memory. Therefore, stem cells are used in brain cells regeneration as they are used to replace the worn out cells. The introduction of stem cells in the brain is to protect injured neurons as they cannot fix themselves.

The body may contain some organs and tissues that do require replacement, and doctors use stem cells in this process. Some body organs at times can wear out thus the need to replace them. Doctors use stem cells in replacing tissues that are worn out in the body. Organs are made up of multiple cells which makes them easy to replace by stem cells as they are parent provider of cells. The stem cells in laboratories are used to create and make tissues that are later used in a way no one imagined of. Creation of tissues is evident in cases of surgeries.