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Steps for Making Doll Shoes Without Sewing a Stitch

A lot of people have been asking themselves if it is possible to make doll shoes without sewing a stitch of which if you are among those people you have to know that it is possible and easy. When you want to try to make the doll shoes you will need to get all the materials that you will need when making them. There are so many tutorials that will guide you on how to do it and the materials that you will need hence you have to choose the best tutorial. The discussion below is on how to make doll shoes without sewing a stitch.

Cutting and punching will be some of the guides that will help in making doll shies without sewing a stitch. Since you will be having cardboard, foam, and vinyl, you will have to use them in cutting the pattern pieces. One will now have to use the leather puncher to punch the shoelace holes of which it will have to be on the upper. There will be some cut-outs after punching hence, you will have to use your hobby knife to remove them.

In the third and fourth step, you will not have to use your glue. Some of the materials that you will be having are the vinyl sole and the cardboard hence, you will need to use the glue to glue the two materials. The front upper and the cardboard sole will also have to be glued together hence, you will need to use your glue again. The material that you are using has to be flat and that is why you will have to wrap it.

Some other guides on making the doll shoes are using the hot glue and the normal glue. After you glue the upper and backside you will have to reap the third step for some reasons. The main purpose of the hot glue is to glue the matching foam sole and the upper part. Since you will have to minimize the gaps then you will have to press hard.

Lastly, you will have to use the glue again. The glue that you will use will help you trim around the foam. After trimming them to the right size you will now have to close the ends. After the last step you will now have the complete doll shoes that you will have make without sewing a stitch. To conclude, to manage to make doll shoes without sewing a stitch you will have to follow the guides provided.
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