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Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus
The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will take place whether the world is prepared or not, it is certain to take place one of these days. Those who are Bible readers and believers of the words contained in it, surely know that His returning is not far from happening. There are so many wrong beliefs in the world that His second coming will not take place, this is for those who don’t believe in the Bible. But for those who believe in His word which is the Bible are looking up for His second coming. This article is going to discuss the signs which are telling of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
High cases of wars and tornadoes are being reported in different parts of the earth. These activities had been forewarned that it is going to take place in the last days of the earth before the second coming of Jesus Christ. Several places on this world are experiencing earthquakes which some are relating it to the high cases of tornadoes being reported. Superpower countries have started preparing their arsenals for war. For the Bible to be true and believable, all that was warned to take place shortly before His second coming must come to manifest. And surely without giving more reasons and excuses for why this taking is taking place, it is vivid that what is written in the Bible is coming to be.

Different types of diseases which scientist have been unable to find a cure are on the rise. There are several diseases which are attacking mankind and even with the presence of high learned medicine doctors and scientist, there is no curative medicine that has treated the chronic ailments. Among these chronic sicknesses include cancer and HIV/AIDS, these are infections which the world top medical doctors and scientist have not been able to treat. Some of the ailments are rewards of the sinning generations which have refused to abandon sin and prepare themselves for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Such signs as these persistent chronic ailments show that even the power of money or politics cannot get ride of the truth that the world is coming to an end signaling the second coming of Jesus.
The second coming of Jesus is also evident when you look at how people nowadays are real lovers of money and pleasures of the world as it was foretold in the Holy word that this will be evident in the last days.?People have turned out to be ready to do anything for the sake of getting money yet they cannot devote themselves to live a Christian life. Looking around the world you will note that many people are engaging in immoral acts in the name of finding pleasure for their bodies. These acts fulfill the word where it is said that during the last days, men will be lovers of money and worldly pleasure than the word of God. Looking around what people call churches you will find they are full of con men extorting money from their followers in the name of doing God a service. Surely this is the signs of the end times, the return of Jesus Christ is near.

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