Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You

When you look back in history, it always seems that the story reads of the man chasing after the woman. And while today’s women have every right and inclination to do the pursuit if they so wish, sometimes it’s just nice to know he’s interested first. So, the question becomes when you’re interested in someone, how to make a guy chase you. The following are some tips to help you be the one so sought after.


When you have a busy life, you’re almost unattainable to him. He has to step up his game in order to be worthy of your attention. So, it’s time to start pursuing your passions. Pick activities you’re truly interested in, not ones you think he’d be a fan of. If you’re not truly into it, it will certainly show and you’ll come out looking more like a sore sport than someone interesting and worthy of his attentions.


While he may seem like the right one, keep your options open. The last thing you want is to exclude other guys while you wait on this one to notice and start the chase. Continue to flirt, talk, and befriend other guys in the process, showing the interested one that you’re a desirable woman others are interested in, too.


Now, it’s not recommended you go out and buy a whole new outfit just to catch his eye, but you might want to put on one of your self-confidence building outfits and wear it one day when you know he’ll be around. Just walk by him in the outfit and catch him checking you out. Then, just keep walking. You’ve put it out there, now it’s up to him to show some interest. There’s nothing wrong with approaching him in the outfit, but if you truly want him to chase you, let the outfit do the talking and let him initiate contact.

There are merits to having a guy chase after you, if for nothing else than it just builds your self-confidence. However, remember the purpose of the whole process is to get to know him and see where it leads. So, ask yourself, do you really want to play games?