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What You Need to Know About Memorial Service at Sea

One of the popular options that family members have when it comes to bidding goodbye to a loved one is by doing a burial at sea or what is also known as ash scattering. It is this one that is considered to be environmentally friendly and is a great alternative when it comes to traditional burial. A burial at sea is also the one that is less expensive compared to that of a traditional burial. A burial at sea is the one that is chosen by family member especially if the deceased individual has a special connection to the sea.

Once you will be looking at this one then you can have varying services offered by many companies. Most of the time a formal clergy is to present but the family can also opt for one. The ceremony will have music playing at the background while the ashes are scattered into the water. Tradition also dictates that the ships bell will be struck eight times. This will signify the end of the watch on the duty period of the sailor at sea.

The scattering ceremony is usually done on the location that the family wishes. It is common to od it in an area where there are less boat traffic and water disturbance. It is also this one that will be more memorable especially when the position of the ship will be recorded via GPS. The information can be sued in order to create the memorial certificate which will be sent to the family a few days after the ceremony has been done. The family can also choose to have a burial at sea without the need for the remains to be scattered. The ashes will be replaced by flowers which are placed in the water. It is this one that provides the family with a form of closure even though it is not really a burial that is being done. This is important especially for family members that or on the grieving process.

Scattering ashes on the sea can be done in many different ways. One of the ways to do it is by scattering the ashes directly from the container that came from the cremation facility. The ashes will be poured into the water on the downwind side of the boat. You need to make sure though that the ashes will fall directly into the water and will not be blown back or stuck to the side of the ship. If you are able to get close to the water then it is this method that is possible.

Another way that you are also able to scatter ashes is by using a biodegradable urn. The urn is the one that is designed to gradually disperse the ashes to the sea. Most water-soluble urns will be floating in the water for several minutes and will then sink down the sea. The family members will then have the option to throw flower petals into the ware as a final tribute.

It is also the family members that can choose to scatter the ashes using a basket or a container. Rose petals can be placed on top of the ashes. The basket will then be lowered down to the water and then inverted. This will make the petals float while the ashes will disperse into the sea.

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